Frequently Asked Questions


At what age should I schedule an appointment for my child?

The AAPD recommends that each child have their first dental visit by age 1. At PDA, we too feel that early education is the key to preventing cavities for a lifetime.

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Do I need a referral from my family dentist?

No. We treat all patients from age’s birth to 18 years.

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Why should I choose a Pediatric Dentist instead of a General Dentist?

Pediatric Dentists have 2-3 years of education beyond that of a general dentist specifically on caring for children and adolescents. By limiting their practice to this age group they are better able to predict, diagnose, and treat any problem that may arise simply due to more experience. Helping kids is our practice, not just a portion of it, and we love it!

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What do you do that would be different than my family dentist?

At PDA, our office is designed around and for kids. From our chairs and smaller instruments to our individual televisions, we cater to your child. With our combined 30+ years experience we know how to comfort most children.

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Why are baby teeth important?

Baby teeth are the foundation of our mouths. By age 3 we have acquired most of the bacteria contained in our mouths, including the bad ones that cause tooth decay! Baby teeth also work as natures little space maintainers by helping to guide our adult teeth as they grow into our mouths. A healthy mouth and healthy habits at an early age can put children on a path for success; eating, sleeping, and growing pain free.

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